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24 Nov

The Importance of NSF Certificate in the Food Truck Industry

As the food truck industry continues to thrive and gain popularity, aspiring food truck owners and operators must understand the importance of maintaining high standards of food safety and quality.

One crucial aspect of ensuring these standards is obtaining an NSF certificate.

In this blog, we will dive into what NSF certificate is and why it is essential for the success of food truck businesses.

What is an NSF Certificate?

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certificate is a globally recognized certificate that verifies the safety and quality of products. Including those used in the food industry. It is an independent third-party non-profit certification ensuring that the products, materials, and equipment meet the public health and safety standards set by NSF.

The certification process includes aconsistent evaluation and equipment, production procedures, and facility inspection, and the ability to meet the safety standards. Companies that earn the NSF certificate can place an NSF seal on their products. This can help the company prove its status as a safe and high-quality producer.

Why is the NSF Certificate Important in the Food Truck Industry?

Food Safety Assurance

Food trucks operate in a compact space, often with limited resources for food preparation and storage.

NSF certificate ensures that the equipment and materials used in food trucks are manufactured and designed to meet strict sanitary requirements.

This certification helps prevent the risk of foodborne illnesses and ensures that customers are served safe and uncontaminated food.

Compliance with Health Department Regulations

Health departments and regulatory bodies across the globe recognize the NSF certificate as a mark of compliance with health and safety regulations.

By obtaining NSF mark, food truck owners can save significant time and effort in obtaining necessary permits and licenses from authorities.

Enhanced Trust and Business Reputation

NSF certificate serves as a powerful marketing tool for food truck businesses.

Displaying the NSF certificate mark on the food truck and marketing materials conveys a commitment to food safety and quality.

Customers are more likely to trust and choose a food truck that prioritizes health codes, leading to positive reviews.

Access to New Markets and Opportunities

Some event organizers, including those hosting food festivals, fairs, or corporate events, require food trucks to have NSF certificate.

By obtaining this certification food truck operators can expand their reach, access new markets, and participate in lucrative events that demand compliance with food safety standards.

How to Obtain an NSF Certificate for Your Food Truck

Conduct Research

Familiarize yourself with the NSF standards, how much it costs, and the specific requirements for the food truck industry.

Submit an Application

In the application, provide all the information about your product.

Include the materials used, and where you manufacture the food truck.

Undergo an Inspection

The first step of the inspection is a product evaluation.

The inspector evaluates a piece of equipment, looks at the structure of every product, and identifies any safety concerns and issues.

Pass a Facility Inspection

NSF inspectors and testers also perform facility inspections.

Receiving The Certificate

After your food truck has been inspected and you pass the requirements, you sign and return your NSF contract and put your new NSF logo on your food truck.

Regular Testing

Once you receive your NSF Certificate for your product, the organization conducts regular testing on your product and facility so you can keep your certificate.

Inform NSF International of any new product or if you change your facility.

How To Tell If a Product Is NSF Certified?

Nsf mark on Jerusalem food truck

The easiest and best way to tell if the product or facility is NSF certified is to check for the NSF mark.
This lets you know that the company or facility meets all the certificate requirements for this specific product. 

Here you can check what are the certified products and systems on the official NSF website

What Happens If a Product or Facility Doesn’t Meet Regular Testing Standards?

When a certified product or facility doesn’t meet the NSF safety standards during routine testing. NSF International has the right to cancel the product or equipment.

It can also inform the public of any potential harm that the product can cause.


In the highly competitive food truck industry, maintaining high standards of food safety and quality is essential for success.

NSF certificate provides food truck owners with a significant advantage by assuring compliance with industry regulations, enhancing business reputation, and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of customers.

By obtaining the NSF certificate, food truck operators can build a trusted brand and pave the way for long-term success in the industry.

At Jerusalem Custom Food Trucks & Trailers we make sure that all of our trucks, trailers, and equipment are up to the NSF certificate standards. 

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